As humility is a character trait of a good leader, we shall defer from speaking about ourselves, and let others do it for us.  Be sure to View Jeanette Henderson's LinkedIn profile View Jeanette Henderson's profile for the latest endorsements and recommendations.

Meanwhile, here's what some of our program attendees have said about us...

(Title at the time of remarks)

I will be forever changed, the way I present myself to an audience. Thank you! Very well presented in the logical format - I committed the format to memory EASILY. Best insight into my personal speaking methods I have ever had. The speakers were both amazing, truly professional, courteous and talented!
Jane McLeod, Employee Wellness Manager
War Memorial Hospital

I came to training a little nervous about what to expect. I enjoyed every moment of the training, which surprised me as I have a fear of public speaking...It gave me a new way to look at communication... I liked the structure it gave me to arrange my content... This gave me things I can use and gradually develop more tools.
Devin Motley, Assistant Project Manager
Austin Commercial

Great feedback! Honest & relevant, very specific!
Rodd Weber, Corporate Safety Director
PENTA Building Group

Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge and experience. The class was great.
Debbie Tran, VP of Solutions
SoCal Office Technologies

Very enlightening, eye opening. Both (faciliatators) added important points, commentary and critique. Very well balanced and with ouside examples.
Ken Missman, Operations Manager
RBC Transport Dynamics

Very insightful for something that is somewhat intuitive but has never been articulated for me like this was. Finally, a process to use.
Christopher Skow, Project Manager
Devenney Group Ltd., Architects

Extremely well qualified. Best I have seen. Truly enjoyed.
Steven McManus, COO/CFO, Armed Forces Retirement Home

BRAVO Roy and Jeanette! ... A great experience!
John W. Locwood, Rear Admiral USCG ret., Sr. Advisor, Vigor Shipyards, Inc.

Thank you so much for the great training. That is the best training I ever had. It provides a powerful tool for me to reach a higher level. Best wishes to you and your program.
Li Xu, Sr. Manager, K12 Inc.

Off the charts!
Jim Rygg, Corp. Sales Director, IAA

Excellent program. I have been to several programs on "Public Speaking" - this one is by which all should be measured.
Kristofer Nyden, 1st Global, Dallas, TX

...had it not been for the camp I never would have felt as prepared as I did the day after the camp when I had to deliver a ten minute speech at the UN on Global Health and Cancer. The Hendersons performed a miracle and now it's possible for me to speak anywhere, and at any time. Not that the nervousness is totally gone, but it's under control. I'd like to thank you, and Roy and Jeanette in particular, for giving me the confidence and courage to take the next step, and to opening my mind to possibilities. They are wonderful, gifted and caring professionals. Please let me know when and if you plan to have another camp at the next level, or over a longer period. (signed) A much better speaker,
Barrie Adedeji, CPA

The speakers were prepared, well informed and able to answer all questions... Wow-I am very analytical and I can not tell you how wonderful it is to have steps/tools/techniques/rules to better my presentation skills. The tools...changed my style-a necessary change that I am sure will advance my career. Absolutely wonderful, I cannot thank you enough!
Ann Nolan, Associate General Counsel, IEXX Laboratories

Great concepts to think about presenting in a different way. A really useful framework for working. Really helpful tips and approaches. Very useful. Fantastic practical applications.
Anonymous, April 28-19,2011, Washington, DC

Excellent! Outstanding! Jeanette and Roy are by far the very best speaker trainers in the universe! I would highly recommend the American Speaker Training Camp to anyone who who wishes to enhance their speaking skills. I learned more than I thought possible in 2 days. I feel as if I have been launched forwad and envision a future as a better and better speaker. Thank you!!
Glenn Ford, VP for Finance and Administration/CFO, Linfield College, OR

The content in all sections was very good-Jeanette's energy and passion was terrific - The day went fast.
Nancy Henson Kopp, Director, Ernst & Young

Jeanette & Roy strike an excellent balance. Their positive outlook and feedback helped me and others get over many stumbling blocks as we learned & improved.
James R. Amox, Sr. Manager, TruPosition

Clear, simple, relevant. Examples were key, well-paced. Outline works to keep lessons on track & easy to follow. Loved this section (Formula for Inspiration) much great information..the learning is awesome. The re-emphasis on critical components is invaluable. Absolutely on-point information for my needs. Love this. As difficult as it was for me & some; the support, constructive evaluation and learning from watching others is really helpful. Can't state enough about the speakers/instructors. Watching everyone's presentation and evaluation was the best! The entire class is so full of learning, full of information, ti would be tough to beat. I look forward to more.
Patzetta Trice, Chief Communications & Marketing Office, Indianaplis Airport Authority

A wonderful learning experience. I've got a full toolbox to take home and share with my presenters! Thank you all - everything is driving me toward excellence!
Betsy Abney, Director, Wealth Management Assistant Education, 1st Global

This was a great program.
Hector Maldonado, Project Coordinator, Mount Sinai Medical Center, NYC

I think other educators will benefit from this program as they get hired for expansion or replacements. I really enjoyed the workshop. I believe I will be able to use these tool immediately in my work environment and my rold of making sure the message gets across and the needs of others are met before mine. Thanks so much!!
Scott W. McKee, Educational Services Specialist, Laerdal Medical Corporation

Without exception, (you) are far and away the finest presentation instructors we have been exposed to...
Mark R. Knowles, Executive Director, National Pharmaceutical Council

"This program should be required CLE for every attorney... its one on one workshop nature elevates (it) far beyond any helpful hints' course on public speaking... I would highly recommend it!
Lester W. Firstenberger, Attorney
Lewis, King, Krieg & Waldrop, P.C.

Thank you for your presentation! I have already received many positive responses!
Marie A. Mugle, CLE Coordinator

Bar Association of Erie County / Buffalo, NY

(Title at the time remarks were made)

Successful public speaking is about communicating strong beliefs. Roy Henderson masterfully teaches how to overcome the anxiety of public speaking, and coaches speakers on the art of simply speaking from one's heart.
Rudolph W. Giuliani, America's Mayor

Your advice and guidance were the best I've received in twenty years of public speaking -- you taught this old dog some new tricks! I'm a fan for life! Thanks for the great pointers -- I thought I knew it all (hah!), but you taught me some great new ideas.
John D. Kemp, Executive Director
United Cerebral Palsy Associations

As a group, our speakers were absolutely outstanding - by a good margin better than any previous time. We are so enthusiastic about your contributions that there's no question we would like to have you back again.
R.P. Braun, Director of Training
Procter & Gamble, Inc.

Thank you... I appreciate all of your help at the 1996 Republican Convention.
George W. Bush, Governor, State of Texas

Thank you for working with me at our recent National Convention. This is not the first time you have helped me make a speech better than it would have been otherwise. It was a pleasure seeing you and your wife Jeanette again. You both are truly podium masters.
William H. Frist, MD
 Senate Majority Leader, United States Senate

Thank you very much for your assistance. Your advise proved quite valuable.
Rod Paige, United States Secretary of Education

Your sessions... were extremely well received. On a 5 point scale, the participants gave the sessions an overall score of 5.0.
Susan Constantino, Associate Executive Director United Cerebral Palsy Assoc. of New York State

Many thanks for the coaching and advice. I would have been in deep trouble without your assistance. Colin Powell, General, US Army, retired

I cannot thank you enough for your expert guidance... People were amazed at how professional and relaxed I seemed. I credit it all to you. I hope we have the opportunity to work together again!
Kerry Healey, Lt. Governor
State of Massachusetts

As you can imagine, I have been through tons of these types of sessions, and had become a bit jaded about 'consultants'. You guys really offered practical, succinct and effective ideas. It was great.
Sean Duffy, Deputy Chief of Staff Communications Office of Governor Bill Owens, CO
I appreciated your input and useful advice. Please know that I will definitely pass along word of my positive experience with your organization at any opportunity to do so.
Catalina V. Villalpando, Treasurer of the U.S.

 I am most grateful for your time and talents in helping in the preparations for the FDA hearings... I am sure the improvement in my skills will continue to be manifest for years to come.
Nelson B. Watts, MD, The Emory Clinic

I would like to extend my gratitude for your help... your insight and helpful suggestions added to (my) success. I am grateful for the time you spent discussing the finer points of speaking.
Daniel E. Lungren
Attorney General State of California

I have witnessed many instructors, but none have been able to achieve the quality of performance and knowledge which you have attained.
John W. Monsma, Ph.D.
Northern Arizona University

Then there are those who gave praise in person...

George H.W. Bush, Former President of the United States
Gerald R. Ford, Former President of the United States
Dan Quayle, Former Vice President of the United States
Robert Dole, Senator from Kansas, Nominee for President
George Pataki, Governor, State of New York
Michael Bloomberg, Mayor, New York City
J. Dennis Hastert, Speaker of the House
Tom Ridge, Governor of Pennsylvania
Dr. Condoleeza Rice, Hoover Institute, Stanford, CA
Chuck Hagel, Senator from Nebraska
George Allen, Senator from Virginia
Bob Taft, Governor of Ohio
Ron Silver, Actor and Activist
John McCain, Senator from Arizona
Lindsey Graham, Senator from South Carolina
Kay Bailey Hutchison, Senator from Texas
Elizabeth Dole, Senator from North Carolina
Anne Northup, Congresswoman from KY
George P. Bush, Nephew of President G.W. Bush
Erika Harold, Miss America 2003
Sam Brownback, Senator from Kansas
Elisabeth Hasselback, TV personality
Michael Steele, Lt. Governor, State of Maryland
Arnold Schwarzenegger, Governor of California
Mitch McConnell, Senator from Kentucky
Elaine Chao, Secretary of Labor
Rob Portman, Congressman from Ohio
Zell Miller, Senator from Georgia
Michael Reagan, Author, Activist, Son of President Ronald Reagan
Paul Ryan, Congressman from Wisconsin
Henry Bonilla, Congressman from Texas
Lynn Swann, NFL Hall of Famer
Dorothy Hamill, Olympic Gold Medalist
Ed Gillespie, Chairman, Republican National Committee
Ann Wagner, Co-Chairman, Republican National Committee
Bill Harris, Republican National Convention CEO and Manager
Arlen Specter, Senator from Pennsylvania
Trent Lott, Senate Majority Leader, Senator from Mississippi
Pat Harrison, Co-chair, Republican National Committee
John Street, Mayor of Philadelphia
Carlos Ramirez, Major of El Paso, Texas
Ave Bie, Wisconsin Public Service Commissioner
Theodore Roosevelt IV, Activist, Conservationist

And many many more, too numerous to mention...