Effective presentation is all about Cause and Effect; knowing what Effect you want, and what Causes you need to put in to get that Effect.  A great and inspirational presentation, doesn't happen by accident, it is the result of a tried and true, though sometimes mysterious, process.  Our Programs take you through the process step-by-step, in the most innovative, insightful and PROVEN way ever devised.  Not just a bunch of anecdotal examples, our Programs specifically walk you through the entire process, from conception, to application of techniques, to acheiving the greatest level of performance possible.

NEW!!  Personal Coaching and Training via Skype
Whether it's just for an hour to help you personally polish up an upcoming speech, or a full Two-Day Training Camp with your entire team, Podium Master by Skype allows you an incredibly affordable option to receive our cutting edge methods for improving your presentation skills.  A more flexible schedule, no travel expenses, and with just as much personal attention, makes this virtual alternative a very attractive option in your training goals!

Two-Day Speaker Training Camp (Our most popular and sought-after Program)
This intense course will introduce you to the fifteen most important tools necessary to make inspirational presentations, and the process in which they are put together for maximum effect.  In addition to the invaluable material covering both content and delivery, each participant will have the opportunity to receive individual coaching as well.  This is available at the location of your choice for your organization OR individuals may also attend one of our rarely scheduled Speaker Training Camps.

Advanced Speaker Training Camp (Available only to those who have completed the above Course)
Highly individualized, attendance is kept to a minimum and the course is designed around the needs of that particular set of participants.  In addition to a brief refresher from the Basic Camp, advanced course material could include Media Training (both hostile and friendly), Q&A/Interview, Courtroom testimony, panel discussions, boardroom presentations, and any other communications needs as defined by those attendees.  Video feedback is included.  Advanced Speaker Training Camps are generally held once a year.  Visit the Events and Schedule Page for upcoming dates.

Individual Coaching/Meeting Preparation
For those who have an important meeting or convention presentation who wish to "knock it out of the park,"  it would be well worth your time and money to spend a few hours or days rehearsing with us.  Whether it's just for you, or for your entire management team, with our help, your next major meeting will be the best meeting ever!

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