Meet the co-founders and
authors of the best-selling book
There's No Such Thing as Public Speaking

Jeanette and Roy Henderson

For over 30  years, the Henderson partnership has kept the couple
together nearly every moment of every day, enjoying a 24/7 relationship
which both say is "never boring"!

Mr. Henderson has over six decades of experience in the art of presentation and the study of audience psychology, beginning with Baccalaureate degrees in Drama, Psychology and Acting from the University of London and the Central School of Speech and Drama. As an actor, director and alumnus of the prestigious Royal Shakespeare Company, he has created, directed, performed and advised presentations of all kinds on five continents. His career with the RSC culminated in a command performance in the title role of "Henry VIII" for Queen Elizabeth II and the Royal Family at Windsor Castle during her Silver Jubilee Celebration.  He still keeps his hand in theatre, occasionally offering "The Legacy of Galileo,"  a one-man show that runs well over two very compelling hours!

Mrs. Henderson's more than 35 years of communications education and experience includes a degree in communications, and  as a "personality", writer and producer and director of numerous radio, television, and theatrical productions. She is a published writer, and political commentator, and regular guest on numerous TV and radio broadcasts.  She is the primary facilitator for Day One of every Two Day Training Camp, while Roy provides the gentle, nurturing coaching on Day Two.

Since 1988, the Hendersons have devoted much of their time coaching industrialists, community leaders, attorneys, physicians, politicians and graduate actors in the improvement of their applicable presentation skills.  Most visibly, the Hendersons have served as the Official Speech Coach and Presentation Advisor for every Republican National Convention from 1992-2012.  Be sure to visit our Testimonials page for some of the comments they've received over the years.

Their best-selling book, There's No Such Thing as Public Speaking, was listed as one of the top ten of books on Public Speaking by Amazon for over two years after it's release.  It was one of the first books to be added to the Kindle library as well.  It still enjoys brisk sales today, and autographed copies are offered at the end of every Speaker Training Camp.

The book is the result of years of analysis and first-hand knowledge in mastering the techniques of public speaking in every conceivable venue. Invariably, clients express amazement at the depth of understanding and ease in which the Hendersons are able to convey the common sense of their methods. It is this practical and highly usable approach that has won them accolades from persons in the highest levels of the political and corporate worlds.

To contact the Hendersons or request additional information, email them at Inquiry(at)